With investments in two beer related companies I can call myself a beerpreneur. The investments are:

Brewdog via the third Equity For Punks scheme. I’d always missed the deadline previously so was pleased to get in early this time.

Beerbods raised funding via CrowdCube reaching a £150,00 investment in record time.

Both are small  investments as a way to keep informed of the inside story of these companies at an interesting time for the British beer industry.


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Share via Twitter Workflow

Created to solve the common task of sharing on Twitter. I wanted to be able to:

  1. Highlight text on web page
  2. Right click, select Share
  3. Create Tweet with highlighted text and URL

Download Share via Twitter workflow. For Mac, using Safari and Twitter app.


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Flappy Apps

but even worse

They really are taking over the App Store

so much so that

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Azure Silver Linings

In the space of a couple of hours using Windows Azure:

Created a mobile service
Ran the iOS app in the iOS simulator
Ran the web app locally
Ran the web app deployed on Azure

Added Facebook authentication to both iOS app and web app
Deployed a nodejs site
Installed nodejs command line tools for nodejs

That’s a whole lot of stack.

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NSHipster Quote

As developers, it is our responsibility to understand the goals and needs of our applications, and to resist the urge to over-engineer and prematurely optimize our solutions.

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Scratch and Stencyl

I’ve just seen that Stencyl 2.0 (2012) looks very much like Scratch 1.8 (2008)

It seems that Stencyl was based on Scratch. If it allows kids to build games, surely I can figure it out?

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